Pro Life America Network's Mississippi Chapter President Terri Herring talks about regulating abortion in Mississippi

By MississippI PEP Staff | July 2nd, 2012 at 6:06 am

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BY: B. Keith Plunkett–@Keithplunkett

A new Mississippi law requiring admitting privileges for all abortion clinic doctors went into affect on July 1. The law was signed by Governor Phil Bryant on April 16, and was in affect just a few hours before Judge Daniel P. Jordan granted a temporary restraining order blocking the law from being enforced prior to a hearing on July 11. You can view that order HERE.

The temporary restraining order keeps State Dept. of Health officials from performing an inspection to verify the clinics lack of admitting privileges. That inspection was to happen today.

One person who was present when Governor Bryant signed the bill into law is Terri Herring. Herring has worked tirelessly for 26 years in the pro-life movement in Mississippi and has seen the ups and downs. The Pro Life American Network Mississippi Chapter President learned the news of the restraining order just hours after she sat down with me to talk about the pro-life movement in Mississippi, and the new law. Herring said in a follow up email yesterday that she fully expected the restraining order to be issued, and was not surprised. She pointed to 7 years of legal challenges before the enforcement of Mississippi’s Parental Consent law could finally become the law of the land as an example.

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The Jackson Women’s Health Organization is expected to use legal challenges to put off the lack of compliance with the new law. But, Herring has proved she is in this fight for the long haul.

In this interview, Herring discusses becoming involved in 1986 as a young mother of three, the many pro-life bills before the Mississippi Legislature this year, the current law and it’s implementation, and what she expects to push for in the legislature in 2013.