#7for7: In a word, Guns.

By MississippI PEP Staff | July 17th, 2013 at 10:40 am

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This weeks seven top posts are all about the ongoing back and forth over Hinds County Judge Winston Kidd’s ruling to halt enforcement of Mississippi’s concealed carry law, HB2. The reaction from conservative lawmakers was as similar in message as it was swift.

Off the record many conservatives had a simple question: Who the hell does this guy think he is to attempt to rule over the entire state? After all, we are talking about a Hinds County Circuit Court Judge. This isn’t a ruling from a high court.

Attorney General Jim Hood issued a statement yesterday that appeared to put Kidd back in his place. It quickly shot to the top of our #7for7 list.

Here they are:

#7. Senator Melanie Sojourner on gun ruling: Judges trampling of Constitution is alarming.

#6. Senator Angela Hill: Concealed Carry has been hijacked by judicial activist to plant uncertainty.

#5. Oh Sweet Irony: Hinds County resident shoots and kills intruder.

#4. Senator Tony Smith on gun ruling: Judges decision is direct attempt to silence work of legislature.

#3. PLUNKETT: Kidd’s gun-ruling is display of brazen ignorance.

#2. Rep. Pat Nelson on gun ruling: Judge Kidd deserves an early retirement.

#1. AG: Gun ruling doesn’t apply statewide.