Alan Lange’s misogyny is a slap in the face of all Mississippi Republican women.

By Keith Plunkett | December 5th, 2015 at 4:56 pm

BY: Keith Plunkett / Editor

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The Mississippi Republican Party owes it’s very existence to the strong Republican Women groups. Their decades of hard work have given the GOP nearly complete control of state government. Slapping them in the face with a misogynist insult is probably not a good way to thank them.

Just when you thought the venom spewed by Alan “I see racists” Lange and ‘Y’all Politics’ couldn’t get any sillier . . .

Okay, okay . . . we knew it could get sillier.

Now Lange has written a commentary about Senator Melanie Sojourner filing an election challenge in the Mississippi Senate. His commentary doesn’t focus on any of the allegations listed in the petition. Instead Lange focuses his nervous comedy act on how the poor little, helpless-on-her-own woman from Adams County is “biting the hand” that fed her and is crying “crocodile tears”. But his attempt to laugh it off doesn’t hide the seriousness of his misogyny and the apparent disdain Lange has for the conservative women who dare stand strong without first asking permission.

Was this guy beaten up by a girl on the playground as a child, or something?

Apparently in the ‘Land of Lange’ it’s actually Sojourner’s fault that nearly a hundred acts of criminal voter fraud took place in a heavily Democrat precinct in Franklin County. If she had only been a good little girl and done what she was told and not have spoken her mind over the course of the past 4 years (and especially not thrown in with the likes of Senator Chris McDaniel), well then none of this fraud would have ever been allowed to happen.

The first most obvious question is whether Lange is actually saying the fraud could have and would have been stopped prior to the general election. This of course leads any logical thinker to wonder who knew about the problems and when. After all, the Secretary of State’s office had known of the illegal activity at this precinct as far back as 2014 and even had an official observer at the precinct during the primary and runoff elections in 2015 because of prior complaints (that’s item number 11 in Sojourner’s petition for those who care to actually read it).

It is also true according to election watchers in the county that the circuit clerk told the Franklin County Election Commissioner months ago that the poll workers in the Bude precinct needed to be replaced (anyone who would have bothered to speak to party officials in Franklin County would have known that). The election commissioner refused and now she and five of the poll workers have been arrested for criminal voter fraud.

Pattern of known illegal activity, anyone?

No one who knows the fervor and conceit of Lange believes he has any more of a clue about those facts than he does about serious policy issues, nor a need for truth in order to reach conclusions or make pronouncements. Even if he did have a clue we know he wouldn’t bother to bring it up. The truth doesn’t serve his purpose. Lange writes gotcha politics and trades in personal barbs.

I think even Alan would admit that neither policy nor facts are his primary focus as a commentator and that he fancies himself a political spinster first. Which is why it is a ridiculous lapse in judgement for him to use such hateful rhetoric and overextend his personal disdain into what amounts to a slap in the face of all Republican women across Mississippi. By acting out of anger, Lange has just shown everyone, again, who he really is.

The hardest working group for the GOP in Mississippi is the Federation of Republican Women. The county groups in Mississippi that make up the federation leadership do some of the most intense door-to-door and get out the vote work in the country. Many have been rewarded by the National GOP for their work.

Likewise, a huge number of the conservative volunteers across the state are strong women drawn to protect their communities from the machinations that come from Washington via the state capitol in Jackson.

So, why has Lange’s hatred of anything and anyone related to the challenge to Senator Thad Cochran last year, and anyone not in the inner circle of Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, gone this far? Why has he become so full of fear and loathing that he can no longer contain himself? Does he honestly believe that conservative women in Mississippi owe their status to the party bosses who “allow” them to play a part?

How dare Sojourner challenge leadership in the senate to review the election after she had the nerve to not tow the line? How dare she bite that hand that fed her? How dare she ask for honesty, transparency and a legal election from the very people she had the audacity to challenge over the past four years to step up and do the things they keep telling the voters they stand for doing?

Doesn’t that little lady know who has all the power? Doesn’t she know her place?

Yes. Yes she does. And thank God for it.

Sojourner doesn’t seek anyones permission except the people she represents, and for the reasons she was elected.

And I can tell you that because I have had the privilege to work alongside her for a few years now. She and I have at times fought like cats and dogs and she doesn’t back down. She respects someone who stands their ground and debates the facts and who doesn’t slink around in the shadows inciting gossip and drama.

Which gets me to another point about Spanky . . . er, Lange. While he has been busy trying to find racism at Second Amendment rallies and putting women back in their rightful place, the people of this state have been paying attention and focusing on issues that affect themselves, their communities and their families. They have seen the games elected officials have tried to play with issues such as Common Core, they have seen the fraud in the election process that happens in their own backyard, and they have seen political parties and elected officials continue to turn a blind eye.

Those who have stepped forward and have refused to kiss the ring; those who have refused to stop organizing and fighting and working to make our state better for ourselves and our neighbors; those who have turned out for rallies and continued to build organizations that will challenge the established way of doing things — these people aren’t going anywhere.

That makes people like Alan Lange nervous. Because he knows, as do so many of those in power, that they won’t have that power for very long if they can’t somehow figure out a way to put all these people back in their place.

When Senator Ted Cruz looked to Mississippi to find the best possible organization of the grassroots he looked to McDaniel, Sojourner and myself and what we have been building with the United Conservatives Fund here over the past year. At the time I write this, we have hundreds of volunteers across the state, leadership in all four Congressional Districts, and chairman in nearly half the counties in Mississippi.

That isn’t going away because some “he-man woman hater” like Lange attempts to ‘make a funny’ on their website and oversteps into a panic that insults a whole swath of Republican voters and volunteers.

Sojourner’s election challenge will happen. The evidence is clear for those who want to take a serious look at it. In fact, it’s overwhelming. And win, lose or draw; Senator Melanie Sojourner and the focused mass of conservatives across this state, including a huge number of conservative women who Lange apparently hates, will continue to fight on. It is very likely that such nonsense as that of Lange’s will only fuel the fire for a doubling of the effort. So for that, I thank him for his childishness.

Conservatives will win because we will not stop. All of us, even those strong conservative women who scare the crap out of Alan Lange and who “bite the hand that feeds.”

The Mississippi Republican Party owes it’s very existence to these strong women who have for decades done a lion’s share of the work and by doing so have given the GOP nearly complete control of state government today.

Slapping them in the face is probably not a good way to thank them for it.