Latest bizarre behavior by former Bay St. Louis mayoral candidate Jeff Harding ends in arrest for harassment.

By MississippI PEP Staff | August 21st, 2016 at 1:30 pm

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Former Bay St. Louis mayoral candidate Jeff Harding was arrested this week on charges he harassed Mayor Les Fillingame’s daughter, Katie Stewart, while she was driving by following her in a van and honking his horn.

Stewart filed affidavits Monday alleging Harding on Aug. 13 “did purposely, knowingly and unlawfully attempt to put (her) in fear of imminent serious bodily harm by following her bumper to bumper, blasting horn, putting (her) and her seven-year-old in fear of causing accident or bodily harm.”

According to the affidavit, Stewart’s “son was in a panic due to the horn and him following so close they felt fear for their life.”

Harding was arrested on charges of simple assault, attempt by physical menace to create fear, following too closely and reckless driving.

Bay police officer James Arnold reported Stewart said she was visiting a grave site at the Gulf Coast Memorial Cemetery on Longfellow Road. After she left the cemetery, Arnold wrote, she was heading east toward Bouslog Street “when Mr. Harding began following her too closely and blowing an aftermarket horn which was mounted on the front of the van.”

Stewart said Harding “followed her as she turned onto Bouslog Street toward U.S. 90 and up to the traffic light where she was forced to wait for the light,” according to the report. “She said while at the light, Mr. Harding continually sounded the aftermarket horn behind her and she could see him in her rearview mirror laughing.”