McDaniel Lets Slip That U.S. Senate Not Only Elected Office He’s Considering

By MississippI PEP Staff | May 28th, 2017 at 2:50 am

BY: MississippI PEP Staff /

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Geoff Pender reports rumblings about State Senator Chris McDaniel challenging U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker in 2018 are still ongoing. But McDaniel also let it be known he’s considering a run for statewide office and watching it “closely”.

The report was prompted by Wicker releasing to media a commissioned poll that had him “up by double-digits out in front of McDaniel.”

I heard from the McDaniel camp,” Pender wrote. “which pointed out that — if the Wicker polling is accurate — McDaniel’s numbers before he challenged Cochran looked as bad or worse and he blew them away.”

But Senator McDaniel also revealed that he is still eyeing another office. “He’s considering a run for lieutenant governor.”

All options are on the table, but as of today, lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate are the races we’re looking at closely,” McDaniel said.

  • tomnchrist

    I will vote for him either way, but I like the Lt Governor position better for the state and a solid rung on the ladder up.

  • Goulagalyester

    There was no slip….he has silenced all dissent on his social media. As a girl who was raised in the Sip, he frightens me. Answer dissent, don’t be a coward. Until he can do that, he’ll be no leader, only a pot stirrer. JMHO.

  • lauragail

    Lt. Governor is the path to recapture the true power the States should be exercising over the child which is the Federal Government. The Preamble and the Constitution supplies the birth of this recalcitrant offspring.

  • wbport

    When are we EVER going to do something about our archaic runoff system that ruined McDaniel’s run against Cochran? With Ranked Choice Voting (a.k.a. Instant Runoff) give a ranked list of candidates instead of just one and never have to go back to the polls for a runoff because they have already said who they will vote for if their first choice gets eliminated.

  • If he runs for Lt. Governor, he’ll have the inside track to be Governor in 4 years. From Governor, he can run for President or be someone’s VP. My gut feeling is…McDaniel can get more done as Governor and later, as President or VP and the U.S. Senate is “an old men’s club” of cigar-smoking RINOs–not the most appealing place to be!

    • Goulagalyester

      He’ll never be POTUS

  • KarenJames Street

    Just stay in the fight Mr McDaniel!!

  • Linda Demaree

    As much as we need to replace Wicker and Cochran, I lean toward Lt. Governor because we can nullify a lot of unconstitutional acts and laws at State level. As a 10th Amendment person, we need our State strong too. We just need someone else to go to Washington who won’t sell out to the highest bidder and will represent their constituents they way they are supposed to! Tough decision!

  • Paul Brown

    This is a toughie, with him in the Lt Gov seat we could get much needed legislation through that has been stonewalled for years. On the other hand Cruz, Lee and others could sure use some reinforcements. Since I’m a die hard tenther I would lean more towards the Lt Gov spot so we could get the firewall against federal intrusion and restore state sovereignty.

  • thetruthreignsforever

    We need a more conservative Senate. I would also support a run for Lt. Governor, leading to a possible ru for Governor, and then a Presidential bid. As long as Chris supports Constitutional ideas I will support him.