#PEPPoll: Which office should Sen. Chris McDaniel run for?

By MississippI PEP Staff | May 28th, 2017 at 6:37 am

BY: MississippI PEP Staff /

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Vote in our latest #PEPPoll and let us know which of these two offices you think Senator Chris McDaniel should run for?







  • William H Smith

    Statewide Sen. McDaniel has not worn well with the majority of Republican voters. He has used up a great amount of goodwill with his refusal to concede to Cochran, his election challenge, his attacks on those he calls “the establishment.” and his presenting himself the voice crying in the wilderness on behalf of “true conservatism.” He would do well to stick with his state senate seat which apparently he can keep so long as he wants. Of course, I am sure that job is frustrating as he has not influence in the state senate. But the Republican voters will not vote form him for Lt. Gov. or US Senator. He peaked when he almost beat Cochran, but since then he has had practically no impact on MS politics.

    • Mississippi PEP

      Quite a few disagree, with you, Mr. Smith. And certainly the responses we see on various websites that focus on Mississippi Politics, as well as social media responses, are overwhelmingly supportive toward Sen. McDaniel. There is only one of those website that continues to promote negative sentiment towards him, and it’s publisher has been shown to have direct business interests that rely on government subsidized and regulated contracts. Here’s what the Republican and conservative voters of Mississippi really think: https://www.facebook.com/mspeponline/posts/1425475047529435

  • carlcasino

    Roger Wicker has exposed his true colors and needs to return to his home town and enjoy his pension. We have enough Progressive’s in Congress without your participation.

  • Kim Walley-Sumrall

    He should run for nothing. He has yet to concede the last race he lost. Loser.

    • Mississippi PEP

      The last race McDaniel was in he won handily with a total percentage of votes in excess of 85-percent. The one before that, against Sen. Cochran, the data shows McDaniel also won among Republican voters by more than 10,000 votes. This is based on the number of Republican voters registered to vote and who have voted in the most recent elections broken down by precinct.

      Mississippi’s election map, like many other states, provides a clear indication of what occurs in every election. The number of “purple” precincts in the state are few and only serve to cancel themselves out in terms of adding votes to a candidates total.

      It’s a mistake to misconstrue as fact the loss of a primary election by vote totals with the MS-GOP refusal to declare McDaniel the rightful Republican candidate for the general election. The will of the Republican voters in Mississippi in 2014 is clearly extrapolated from all subsequent information gathered since Election Day.

      $800,000 of special interest money was raised in two Washington, DC fundraisers in the 10 days prior to Primary Day.

      Several Democrat voters and operatives who are part of the Democrat Parties GOTV efforts in Mississippi, and have been for many years have admitted to accepting a sum of $30,000 each to use in their voter area to get Democrat voters to the polls for Cochran.

      Now, regardless of who one might have voted for in the primary, and regardless of who one might have wanted to win in the general, the truth is easily arrived at by looking at the evidence. And every shred of it points to the fact that the Cochran Campaign and the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee raised funds and implemented a plan to pay Democrat voters to vote for Cochran.

      No two ways about it. They all committed election fraud. If anything, party officials should thank Senator McDaniel for not pursuing it further.