Justice: How Much Time Does America Have Left?

By Bryan Fischer | August 23rd, 2017 at 11:41 pm

BY: Bryan Fischer / Contributor

Bryan Fischer is the host of the daily 'Focal Point' radio talk program on AFR Talk, a division of the American Family Association. 'Focal Point' airs live from 1-3 pm.

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I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”~Thomas Jefferson

Historically and legally, there are three ways in which the political control of land is acquired or transferred: conquest, purchase, or settlement. Sovereign control is transferred when one nation settles the land (e.g., America’s westward expansion), buys it (e.g. Louisiana purchase), or wins it in war (e.g., southwestern United States).

Transfer of land through conquest can occur as a result of a defensive war, such as Israel waged in 1948 against five Arab armies, and again in 1967 when they gained military and therefore rightful political control of all of Jerusalem and the West Bank. They are not an “occupying force,” as President Trump’s National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster falsely believes. They have the moral right to every inch of territory taken from an invading enemy.

But there is another factor in transfer of land through conquest that has rarely been discussed, and that is the moral factor. There are times when God will bring one nation against another as a form of judgment on the utter moral collapse of the invaded nation.

God’s Justice

God, for instance, brought the armies of Assyrian against the corrupt and idolatrous northern kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C. In Isaiah 10:5-6, God refers to Assyria as “the rod of my anger; the staff in their hands is my fury! Against a godless nation (i.e., Israel) I send him, and against the people of my wrath I command him.”

He then brought the armies of Babylon as his rod of discipline against the corrupt and idolatrous kingdom of Judah in 586 B.C. In each case, Scripture makes clear that the invading army was God’s hammer of judgment on a morally wayward nation that should have known better.

The Scriptures make it clear that nations can morally forfeit the right to maintain sovereign control over their own territory through savagery, superstition, and sexual debauchery. When a nation indulges in such practices long enough, God intervenes in judgment, usually by bringing stronger nations in to transfer control of the land through conquest. Who can doubt that the Allied Armies of World War II were God’s rod of wrath against the Nazis for their genocidal treatment of God’s chosen people?

When God brought Abraham into the land of promise, he declared to Abraham that the entire land of Canaan would one day belong to Abraham’s descendants. But the transfer of land to his heirs could not happen for 400 years, for one simple reason: “[T]he iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete” (Genesis 15:16).

The Amorites, or Canaanite peoples, practiced one moral abomination after another, whether incest, adultery, sexual immorality, homosexuality, bestiality or child sacrifice, and God finally said “Enough!”

By the time he brought Joshua and the warriors of the nascent nation of Israel to the borders of Canaan, he had already been patient with the native peoples for 400 years, waiting for them to come to the place of repentance for their socially and spiritually degrading practices.

His patience was not rewarded, and finally the day came when their sin had reached its full measure. The slop bucket was full, and it was time to empty it out. Israel under Joshua was God’s custodian to empty the bucket and start over.

God explained that because of the “abomination(s)” of the indigenous Canaanite tribes, the land had become unclean and “vomited out its inhabitants (Leviticus 18:25),” as if the soil itself had been made physically sick through moral toxicity. Time eventually ran out for the Canaanites as they exhausted God’s patience by filling up the full measure of their iniquity.

But God wasn’t finished. He warned the ancient nation of Israel not to lapse into the abominable practices of the native peoples “lest the land vomit you out…as it vomited out the nation that was before you” (Leviticus 18:28). Israel could suffer the same fate for the same reasons.

America – The Lost

America in 2017 is as guilty of “abominations” as the people of Canaan. We have the blood of almost 60 million babies on our hands through abortion. We have normalized sexual immorality, adultery, and homosexuality, all horrors in the eyes of God, and are witnessing a surge in incest, pedophilia, bestiality and even necrophilia in our midst.

We honored notorious pedophile Harvey Milk by putting his face on a postage stamp, and we have so exalted the mental disorder of transgenderism that we are now punishing parents who dare to protect their children from its tragic deception.

This leaves a burning question: how much time does America have left to repent of its superstition, its savagery and its sexual deviancy and debauchery before it is too late, before we will have filled up our own slop bucket and will have morally disqualified ourselves from sovereign control of our own land?

We have welcomed the worship of pagan gods into our land, and have insisted that our people adjust to their traditions, beliefs and practices rather than the other way round. The slop bucket is filling up.

Tremble For Our Country

The key to our national security is not a bigger military but a profound national repentance. It is our sin which has made us vulnerable, because through it we are forfeiting any claim on God’s protection for our land. Only our repentance can make us strong again.

We can empty the slop bucket through repentance or the day will come when God will empty it for us. The only question that matters today is this one: how much time does America have left to repent of its superstition, its savagery and its sexual immorality before it is too late, before we will have filled up our own slop bucket and will have morally disqualified ourselves from sovereign control of our own land?

Perhaps, God forbid, the pagan armies of Allah will be the rod of God’s wrath on the United States today, as the pagan armies of ancient Babylon were the rod of his wrath in the days of Ezekiel.

Thomas Jefferson wrote at the time of the Founding, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” It is long past time for all of us to tremble once again.

  • William H Smith

    I agree with Mr. Fischer that moral degradation, especially the killing of the unborn and abominable sesual practices, is widespread in the United States, and is not only tolerated but approved by many Americans. I share with Mr. Fischer a hope that there might emerge a moral consensus to repudiate this reprehensible degradation.

    However, there is an assumption that turns throughout the column that Mr. Fischer and I do not share. It has to do with Israel. As I understand the Scriptures Israel until the ascension of Jesus Christ was a unique nation, the kingdom of God on earth, God’s special people ruled by him as King .

    However that status ended with Christ. Israel no longer occupies a peculiar role among the nations. The kingdom of God is now the church which is a spiritual, supra ethnic, supra racial, and supra national institution on earth into which God gathers the saved, Jew and Gentile alike.

    Mr. Fischer’s view leads in my opinion to two mistakes.

    One is to regard the present day Israel as simply the contemporary Israel, continuous with and the successor to Old Testament Israel. This means that present day has a right, granted by God, to take control of, settle, and defend the territorial borders of ancient Israel. I think this is a view that neither Jesus nor his Apostles indicated they believed. Modern day Israel is just another nation on earth and ought to be treated as any other nation.

    The second is to assume that the way God treated Israel in the Old Testament is the way God treats nations today. This leads to thinking particularly of the U.S. as though it were a nation, like ancient Israel, in covenant with God, which has enjoyed special blessings because of its unique relation to God but which, also because of that special relationship, may come under the discipline and judgment of God. It needs to be said that the U.S. is just one nation among many nations in the history of the world and among many nations in the world today. The U.S. is not God’s country, not a Christian nation, not in a special relationship with God. The principles which apply to the Christian’s life as a citizen are the same as applied to Christians living in the Roman Empire, which principles are taught by Paul in Romans 13 and Peter in 1 Peter 2.

    What of the United States? Kingdoms rise; kingdoms fall, all under the sovereign control of God. The United States may have entered a period of decline which may make it much less than the dominant power it is now. The weakness of America may well be in part produced by the weakness in morality. or, Or, it may continue for centuries to come. But neither result will come about because God is treating the U.S. as he did that unique and temporary kingdom of ancient Israel.

    • Bryan Fischer

      According to Romans 11:29, “the gifts and calling” of God on the Jewish people are “irrevocable,” meaning they remain his chosen people

      • Bryan Fischer

        for whom he still has plans. America has entered into a covenantal relationship with God through the Declaration of Independence, which refers no less than 4 times to the Christian God.
        This actually makes things more precarious, not less, for Israel and the U.S. since we have made ourselves accountable to him in a way that few other nations have.
        It’s my view that God has preserved the history of Israel for us in such detail in part because it does show us the principles by which God deals with nations. I understand that good people can differ with me about this, and such differences represent a gentlemen’s disagreement among friends.