Christian Charity Outpaces FEMA In Hurricane Disaster Response.

By MississippI PEP Staff | September 16th, 2017 at 7:00 am

BY: MississippI PEP Staff /

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Faith-Based Groups Have Provided 80-Percent Of Disaster Relief So Far To Communities Devastated By Hurricanes

Before Big Government, there was the Citizenry.

And people who put God first, people who are committed to serving Jesus, people who are driven by a moral compass that comes from above, are the real doers and shakers and movers — the ones who see a need and respond. The Big Government types?

They see a need and dial their lawmaker — call for a committee hearing — petition for a study. It’s only after they navigate the hoops, and fill out the proper forms, they respond.

America’s greatness was, is and always will be rooted in the fact that our rights come from God, not government. With that, comes a responsibility — that we conduct ourselves on an individual basis as if we believe in God. Bluntly put, it’s what the founders believed; it’s how they envisioned a moral and limited government not just shaping, but staying around a while. Happily, it’s what a large portion of America’s population today still believes.

But let’s not miss the even bigger lesson that can be gleaned here. If you want to reel in government and curb the bureaucracy, you have to make the services government provides irrelevant. And the way to do that is provide them privately.

The way to a limited government is through a charitable citizenry.