Ole Miss Chancellor Reportedly Tells Students Favored Symbols Are Racist And Never Coming Back.

By MississippI PEP Staff | September 22nd, 2017 at 5:22 pm

BY: MississippI PEP Staff /

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Among the items in Ole Miss Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter’s list is the official flag of the State of Mississippi.

An alert from the Our State Flag Foundation reports that Ole Miss Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter spoke today to an engineering class and had some startling words. According to witnesses, Vitter told the class that the school mascot Colonel Reb, and the long-time tradition of the playing of the song Dixie were gone for good, including the use of the Mississippi state flag on campus. According to the report Vitter state plainly that the reason for this decision was that the symbols were racist.

Here’s the full text of the post:

“An engineering class today, held in Brevard, had the privilege of having Chancellor Vitter come speak. In his speech, Vitter said colonel reb, Dixie, and the state flag are all symbols of racism and hate and they will never be here again. Implying that everyone who supports those three things are “racist”… Let that sink in.”

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