Senator Chris McDaniel: Roy Moore’s Victory Is A Rejection Of Washington Establishment

By Chris McDaniel | September 26th, 2017 at 8:41 pm

BY: Chris McDaniel / Senator

Three-term Senator, Former U.S. federal law clerk, attorney, conservative commentator and MS counsel against Obamacare. Awarded the 2016 American Conservative Union's Award for Conservative Excellence.

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Roy Moore’s victory tonight was not just a win for the people of Alabama but a win for conservative values and for people who hold those values.

Tonight, we’ve turned a page and made a new start. By voting for a true conservative, the people rejected the Washington establishment who think they know what’s best for the rest of us.

The people of Alabama are a proud people — strong, resilient and courageous. They have chosen who best represents them, not Washington’s elite. Judge Moore is Alabama’s conservative choice.

I want to congratulate Roy Moore and thank him for giving us hope and proving that we can beat the D.C. political machine.

In Mississippi, we haven’t forgotten what the establishment did here and we won’t forget. Roy Moore’s defeat of Team McConnell makes our rallying cry, “Remember Mississippi” echo even louder.

Tonight, I’m calling on all Republicans in Alabama to now get behind the people’s choice for the United States Senate — Roy Moore. He will need all hands on deck for the general election.

The state motto of Alabama boldly speaks to our struggling republic: “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

Now is the time.

I look forward to Senator Moore representing the good people of Alabama.