Intellect Over Emotion: How Free People Cope With Tragedy

By Jonathan E. Kihyet | October 10th, 2017 at 1:46 pm

BY: Jonathan E. Kihyet / Contributor

Jonathan E. Kihyet is a Regional Captain in the Pine Belt area for the Convention of States Project in Mississippi and contributes to Mississippi PEP from Sumrall, Mississippi. He can be reached by email at

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The principles of freedom and self-governance must always be the primary driving force behind policy.

My father taught me a valuable lesson many years ago-one that he had learned from another man. In times of stress and conflict, step back from the situation, and act upon intellect to navigate through the problem. Acting upon emotions only spirals the current situation out of control and leads to where you wish you were not.

After the murderous event in Las Vegas on October 1st, Americans once again saw the broad spectrum of emotions run their course through the country. From the unbearable grief of survivors’ and victims’ families to the despicable haughty remarks of those having no sympathy toward the victims because they were “probably racist Trump-supporters,” perhaps the most dangerous of these emotions are those that have been projected through elected officials – mainly those progressives who desire more than anything, a centralized state with all-wielding control and power.

Much too often, the focus of inflicted violence is centered upon the “what,” and not the “why.” If progressives and “well meaning” citizens were to ascribe to this focus in interpreting the first and oldest murder as recorded in the Holy book of Genesis, they would demonize the stone that Cain used to kill his brother Abel (as recorded in the Hebrew Book of Jubilees.) Instead, we as a rationalizing people should search the “why.” In the simplest of terms, this why is derived from pure unadulterated evil. The evil is comprised of greed, jealousy, selfishness, and deviating from the will of the Creator of Man. Different aspects and actions in a person’s life lead to these things, but the end result of a murderous action is always one of committable evil.

So now, after yet another tragedy where man used a lifeless contraption comprised of metal and powder as an instrument of his capacity to act in evil, there are renewed emotional calls for the restriction of inanimate objects in regards to firearms. Even the NRA, who has lobbied against restrictive legislation since 1975, is now lobbying for some type of restriction on “bump-stocks.” This is all due in response to the overwhelming emotions of Americans who have not yet had time for the shock to wear off and for intellect to once again attain its proper place.

Now for Intellect….

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment to our Constitution was written for a very specific purpose- the purpose for a free people to defend against a tyrannical government, whether foreign or domestic. Truth be told, I am no more afraid of a foreign government invading my sovereign State than I am of the federal government in Washington D.C. someday usurping its power over my state, my community, and my precious family. History is replete with such occurrences taking place domestically within countries and governments. The Founders knew such actions were a very real and plausible possibility. In so attempting to head off the natural progression of self-governance institutions to a centralized-planning all powerful state, they drafted legal language in the Founding Constitution to provide theirs and future generations the means to check and defend against tyranny.

In the numerous decades since the first Ratification, the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms and to defend themselves as is their natural right by any means they so choose has been severely eroded. “Shall not be infringed” is now “infringed upon by any means Congress or the Courts so choose.” Our state military units’ command structures can now be stripped from the governorship’s control and placed in the hands of the Federal Executive. Weapons of equal firepower to the Federal Military are strictly banned in the hands of the sovereign citizen. Tell me, what will happen if someday a president comes to power and absolutely abandons all confines of the Constitution in regards to his executive duties? What if a coup d’état takes place within the federal government? This will never happen you say. Look at the world around us. The citizens of the German Weimar Republic could not imagine the atrocities to take place after their fall and the rise of the Nazi Party. After political revolutions in Russia and China, tens of MILLIONS were slaughtered by the State. Cambodia, Uganda, Turkey- history records the state-sanctioned slaughters after the citizenry is restricted in ownership of firearms or outright banned from using them. In our current politically polarized country, any manner of atrocities are possible with a future majority ruling over a minority.

There is no utopia in neither a free society nor a state planned society. Evil will rear its head in both. The difference- history reveals- is that the state planned and controlled society carries out evil atrocities under state sanction. In lack of a free society and self-governing people, the state requires that everyone conforms to their rule and their code. If not, they are of no use to society and must be removed.

A free people looks upon the events that happened last week and self-reflect. They gather their Faith, pray for understanding and grace from Providence, and the wise understand that evil in the world is an unavoidable price to pay in exchange for precious liberty and freedom in all things. They do not call for a government to increasingly rule over them.

Fellow Mississippians, let us resolve to never let emotion govern ourselves or drive policy. The principles of freedom and self-governance must always be the primary driving force behind policy. Let us not fear as we walk through this temporary world. Get on that plane and fly to whatever destination you so choose, and attend that concert with no fear in your mind, but faith in your spirit. If we want to be a free people, we must live as one.