MS Supreme Court Settles Long-Standing MAEP Funding Dispute

By MississippI PEP Staff | October 19th, 2017 at 5:09 pm

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State Supreme Court says there is no state mandate to fully fund K-12 education

The Mississippi Supreme Court says there is no mandatory requirement for the Legislature to fully fund K-12 education in the state.

The court Thursday let stand a Hinds County chancery judge’s ruling dismissing a lawsuit filed on behalf of 21 school districts in the state over Mississippi Adequate Education Program funding.

In the unanimous opinion, the court decision, written by Justice Leslie King, said state law doesn’t obligate the governor to sign a bill fully funding MAEP, therefore the statute cannot be construed as mandatory.

“Additionally, because the governor is not obligated to sign any bill fully funding MAEP, the districts have not shown any injury, as they cannot show that, even had the Legislature passed a bill fully funding MAEP, that bill would have become law,” the opinion said.

Justices heard oral arguments in May on the lawsuit filed by former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in 2015 on behalf of the 21 school districts in the state, including the state’s second-largest, Jackson Public Schools.