Rep. Bomgar Urges Common Sense Over Opioid Regulation Push

By Keith Plunkett | November 20th, 2017 at 9:38 am

BY: Keith Plunkett / Editor

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A state lawmaker is examining CDC data and trying to figure out why the overdose deaths are increasing. Representative Joel Bomgar says a lot of what’s being done to get a handle on the opioid crisis is only making it worse. His analysis of the CDC data shows it started when states cracked down on prescribing opioids.

“If you look at the year they cut people off, overdose rates spiked by 10 percent,” said Bomgar. “I mean, the graph is just, the data screams the truth. And the truth, in this case, is when you abruptly cut people off who are already addicted without good treatment options, they switch to street drugs like heroin and they overdose and they die.” – Jackson, MS

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