Why Roy Moore Is Right And Immorality Will Be The Political Establishment’s Downfall

By Keith Plunkett | December 5th, 2017 at 3:01 pm

BY: Keith Plunkett / Editor

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The Immorality Of The Power Hungry Eventually Leads Them To Become Their Own Worst Enemy

The accusations against Judge Roy Moore are a political ploy to preserve the corruption in the nations capitol. The rejection of natural law in Washington is a leading cause of the immoral restrictions of freedom from the political class that refuses to live by the same laws they pass for others.

Mississippi PEP Contributor and host of Focal Point Brian Fischer interviewed Alabama Judge Roy Moore on Monday to discuss the accusations of sexual assault against him. In the 20-minute discussion Fischer brings to light the number of allegations against Moore that have been thoroughly investigated and proven to be false. Moore told Brian that the media continues to report things that they have repeatedly been shown are untrue, and they refuse to report the mountain of evidence that is building that proves the contrary.

“Once this political season is over next Tuesday, it will be gone,” Moore said of the allegations. “The press is so involved in politics they ought to be ashamed of themselves. And they wonder why I won’t talk to them. I won’t talk to them because I have no respect for them anymore.”

Fischer asked Moore about Republicans who continue to repeat aspects of the charges as if they were fact, when no evidence or corroborating statements have been made to support them. In fact, as Fischer points out, the opposite is true. The allegations made by the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham have been proven false due to the statements of Alabamians who lived and worked in the state during that time these incidents were supposed to have occurred.

“Senator Graham has been out there repeating this allegation that you were banned from this mall,” Fischer said. “We’ve got quotes from people who worked there. The head of security said “nothing like that ever happened. (The mall) never even received a complaint.””

Moore responded: “It’s part of the Washington establishment that don’t want me to take the truth of the Constitution and our God to Washington, D.C.” 

“They want me out of the way,” he continued. “And it’s not going to happen.”

Immorality Drives “Dirty Politics” And Destroys It’s Practitioners

Moore described the accusations against him as a “political ploy” to preserve the corruption in the nations capitol. He described the rejection of natural law in Washington as a leading cause of the immoral restrictions of freedom from the political class that refuses to live by the same laws they pass for others.

”You can’t join the crowd up there and deny the truth,” Moore told Fischer. “People are weak. They want to preserve their reputation, their appearance, their power and their prestige. What’s wrong with Washington is people aren’t doing what they are supposed to do, which is stand up for the Constitution and the country and quit playing games to keep their job. I’m certainly not like that. I’ve proven that in the past. I’m going to stand for principle and they don’t want that. And I think that’s why they oppose me.”

“It’s going to be shown to be a complete failure next Tuesday,” Moore said of the dirty politics played against him and the voters. “We’ve got to get away from that in our country or we are never going forward. But it just shows you how immorality permeates every aspect of our society. It permeates our courts, it permeates our police, it permeates our schools. It permeates everything we’ve got: our churches, our political institutions and our government officials. We’ve got to get back to morality. The only way we can get back to morality is with the acknowledgement of the true source, which is Almighty God.”

The Power Trip Is Their God

Mississippians have seen this up close and personal from the political machine driven by establishment Republicans here in 2014. Our neighbors in Alabama saw what happened and they know the level of underhandedness they are dealing with. The polls show Judge Moore took a hit after the allegations, but is now recovering after the public has had a chance to look more closely at the accusations against him.

The immoral try to use the vice they are most in tune with to injure the reputations of those that they oppose. But, conservatives are winning that fight, because more people know today the levels the political establishment will stoop to in order to hang on to power.

There is a reason they go out of their way to name-call and destroy conservatives. There is a reason they refer to conservatives as “extreme”. But, consider the following questions:

What could be more extreme than a political establishment who continues to spend money that doesn’t belong to them and ignore $20 trillion in debt that taxes future generations?

What could be more extreme than politicians who claim to stand for fiscal responsibility but who spend 3-4 times the amount on state government than Mississippi taxpayers provide in revenue?  

What could be more extreme than handing over millions in government grants and program subsidies to multi-millionaires all in the name of economic development and then calling it a way to create jobs for the unemployed and the most needy?

What could be more extreme than restricting the free market and regulating people away from self-sufficiency and then claiming it is a way government will “provide” more opportunity?

These questions shouldn’t be directed at Democrats, or even socialists or progressives. We know what they say they want and why. The are questions that should be directed at Republicans, especially in Mississippi, who claim the mantle of conservatism and free market capitalism, but who double-down on policies that are fundamentally opposed to those principles.

The reason the Republican political establishment is getting nastier as they become more desperate is because they know that it is their own actions that are truly extreme.

They know now that their days are numbered, because even the immoral know that lies, once no longer believed, cannot and will not stand the light of the Truth.

The Republican’s have been so hell-bent on holding on to power that they have created these storms. Now they are beginning to lose all composure as they find themselves caught out in the rain.

Watch The Video Interview Of Roy Moore By Bryan Fischer