Angry Yet? A Sitting Congressman Reveals True Depth Of Corruption By Political Establishment [VIDEO]

By Keith Plunkett | December 28th, 2017 at 11:52 am

BY: Keith Plunkett / Editor

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Ever wonder how members of Congress can be elected reporting few assets and then retire years later as multi-millionaires? This interview with a sitting Congressman will give you a glimpse of how that happens.

Some who’ve seen first hand the ways of Washington know how the political rewards system has so corrupted the federal government, and in turn has corrupted many state governments dependent on the federal government, especially Mississippi.

Establishment politicians and the special interests they reward with government contracts and favors work hard to discredit anyone who reveals the true nature of the workings of the spoils system our government has become. But, holding that line and keeping up false perceptions is becoming harder for them to do. Resistance has been building now for long enough that it is nearing a tipping point. Establishment politicians are becoming more desperate in their tactics and are showing signs of the cracks that are building in the foundation their corruption has been built upon.

But, try as some of us might to reveal the true game afoot, nothing will pull back the curtain quite as convincingly as the hand of one of their own. Congressman Ken Buck has decided to be that hand. Buck was the President of the freshmen class of Congress in 2014, making his revelations all the more damaging to the political class in Washington.

Full Measure’s Sharyl Attkinson conducts what turns out to be an extraordinary interview with Buck who is a sitting member of Congress. It will make you mad but it’s something you should hear.

The Republican is speaking out of school about the shocking, transactional nature of Washington politics. About party elites he says, “live like kings and govern like bullies.” And he’s lifting the curtain on why he says nothing gets done in Congress, describing collusion between Democrats and Republicans to fleece taxpayers on behalf of special interests.

Buck says solutions include requiring a balanced budget meaning Congress wouldn’t be able to spend more money than it has and they’d be forced to make the tough choices they now avoid and term limits to restrict the number of years people can serve in Congress.

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