What Does It Mean To Endorse Roger Wicker?

By Ryan Walters | January 4th, 2018 at 8:16 pm

BY: Ryan Walters / Mississippi PEP Contributor

Ryan Walters is a life-long Mississippian from Jones County. He is a professor of history holding a bachelor and master’s degree in American history from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is the author of "The Last Jeffersonian: Grover Cleveland and the Path to Restoring the Republic." Find more of his writing at MississippiConservativeDaily.com

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Roger Wicker has actively opposed President Trump on several major areas of public policy.

News broke today that a number of Trump’s 2016 county chairs in Mississippi have endorsed Roger Wicker for re-election to the US Senate this year.

This is a very strange and puzzling development. One of Trump’s major campaign promises was to “Drain the Swamp.” But how can any of the President’s Mississippi county chairs endorse Roger Wicker yet remain true to that campaign promise? Not to mention the fact that Wicker is part of Mitch McConnell’s leadership team and has thrown his support behind the floundering Majority Leader, who is widely seen as the major impediment to a conservative agenda.

Far from a conservative reformer, Wicker has been in Congress for nearly a quarter of a century. Before that, he served in the Mississippi State Senate. But he is very well entrenched inside the Barbour Machine and in the swamp that is the Republican Establishment.

Furthermore, and more curious still, is that many of these Trump chairs supported Senator Chris McDaniel in his 2014 bid to unseat Thad Cochran.

But make no mistake, Roger Wicker is every bit as bad as Thad Cochran:

  • Conservative Review’s Liberty Score rates him an “F” with a grade of 32
  • FreedomWorks gives him a lifetime score of 68
  • Heritage Foundation rates him an “F” with a 52
  • Wicker has voted more often with liberal Democrats Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand than he has Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Mike Lee.

So by endorsing Roger Wicker, these chairs have endorsed “The Swamp,” for Wicker has:

  • Voted to raise the debt ceiling at least 14 times
  • Voted for every one of Obama’s Continuing Resolutions
  • Voted to continue “No Child Left Behind”
  • Voted for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Voted to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank
  • Voted for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
  • Voted to give Obama authority to impose his unconstitutional Amnesty
  • Voted for increased welfare funding in the “Farm Bill”
  • Voted to fully fund Obamacare
  • Voted for cloture on the “Gang of 8” Amnesty bill in 2011
  • Voted for a whole new class of tax – the Internet Sales Tax
  • Voted for the largest tax increase in American history
  • Voted against allowing teachers to carry weapons to protect students in the wake of the Newtown massacre
  • Voted against eliminating the federal gas tax
  • Voted against Mike Lee’s balanced budget amendment
  • Voted against Mike Lee’s plan to cut 0.5% from discretionary spending
  • Voted against Rand Paul’s government reduction pla
  • Voted against every proposed ban on earmarks
  • Voted against Welfare Reform
  • Voted against Term Limits

Wicker’s position on the vital issue of term limits is a most interesting one and showcases his deceitfulness. He was first elected to the US House during the 1994 Republican surge and supported Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.” And part of the Contract was term limits. Yet during his second year in the House, in 1996, Wicker voted against a constitutional amendment on term limits.

Throughout much of Wicker’s time in Washington, he has remained largely invisible. He’s proposed no major reform legislation over the course of his time in Washington, never engaged in any fights with Democrats or Establishment Republicans, and has always supported the GOP leadership but never the more conservative platform of the party.

Now, on the verge of facing a serious challenger, he seems to be everywhere, boasting about his conservative credentials and his solid support of the President, even though in 2016 he, as NRSC Chairman, was telling Senate candidates to “back away” from Trump. His oft-touted 96.4 percent voting rate in support of President Trump is no different than most every Establishment Republican Senator, including Thad Cochran, which is also 96.4, as well as RINO’s like Orrin Hatch, Pat Roberts, Lamar Alexander, and Mitch McConnell. Most of those votes, however, were for presidential appointments, not major legislative bills.

And Wicker is now sending out campaign mailers praising himself as Trump’s “most loyal advocate in the US Senate.” He’s cozying up close to the President, even though he did not endorse him in the 2016 presidential primaries, because he can’t run on his own failed liberal record. And, as we’ve seen, that record is atrocious.

In fact, Wicker has actively opposed President Trump on several major areas of public policy:

  • He sided with US Senate Democrats in blocking any attempt at ending the filibuster, the most often used tool of liberals to stop conservative proposals. Trump specifically requested filibuster reform to get his agenda passed but Wicker actively worked against him on that proposal.
  • He stood with 30 other Senators, including liberal Democrats, in March 2017, to call for more foreign worker visas to replace blue-collar Americans. And Trump has spoken out forcefully on standing with America’s workers.
  • He sides with liberals on spending, which Trump wants to slash. When Roger Wicker began his congressional career, the national debt stood at $4.5 trillion; today it’s over $20 trillion and his has voted for every major budget bill to come out of Congress.
  • And if that’s not enough, Roger Wicker stood with Cory Booker, a liberal Democrat from New Jersey, and called for the Mississippi flag to come down, even though he attacked Ronnie Musgrove during the 2008 Senate campaign for exactly that.

Standing with one of the most liberal Democrats to seek change of the state flag is nothing new for Wicker. In fact, like Cochran, he has always been cozy with Democrats. As a State Senator in 1992, Wicker voted to override Governor Kirk Fordice’s veto of a bill to raise the Mississippi sales tax.

In the book Paler Shade of Red: The 2008 Presidential Election in the South, the authors cite Wicker’s vote as proof of his “progressive credentials,” but then acknowledge that he flipped and began to “skillfully identify himself with conservative issues” later on, most notably during his campaign against Musgrove.

So his liberal record is clear. And to endorse Roger Wicker, those who choose that path must also endorse The Swamp: Open Borders, Free Trade, Massive Debt and Deficits, Higher Taxes, More Government.

To “Drain the Swamp,” you must also “Drain the Career Politicians.” And that includes Senator Roger Wicker.

  • William H Smith

    Response by me to Ryan Walters and his opinion piece published at his website, MS Conservative Daily:

    Here is what it means for a large group of Trump supporters, who served as leaders in MS for the Trump campaign, to endorse Senator Wicker: 1. It means they know that Chris McDaniel said that the President is not a conservative – “he’s just not.” 2, It means that mainstream conservatives in MS appreciate the service of Roger Wicker to the state of MS and the country and believe we need Sen. Wicker in the Senate. 3. It means that, despite the constant attacks of this website, of state Sen. McDaniel’s facebook page, of numerous columns at MS PEP, and other places, these leaders know that Sen. Wicker is a conservative in the Mississippi conservative tradition. 4. It means that these MS conservatives want change of the type the President with the support of Sen. Wicker is accomplishing, but they do not want the angry, attacking conservatism that this website, other websites, Steve Bannon and and a few MS politicians represent. They do not want someone who will stand outside the Republican caucus and throw verbal bombs and make symbolic stands, all of which accomplish nothing for MS and the nation. They want change, but they do not want to, as Steve Bannon has said, “blow up” the Senate. They are conservatives who know that change comes by working with and leading others, as Sen. Wicker has done.. They believe, as Reagan said, that sometimes you get half a loaf, take it, and come back later and see if you can get more, because half a loaf is better than no loaf.

    In a few words, they are conservatives but do not hold the kind of destructive conservatism represented at this website.

    • Ragnar Danneskjöld

      This nation, as a community, used to set standards of what they would accept or not – for all….now they haggle over surviving their next election while becoming greasy careerists on the backs of the people paying for their fat retirement. Fresh air is needed in Washington…..Mississippi is no exception. Two tired old white guys from the Oxford Plantation – only catering to the enrichment of said Plantation in Oxford – and who are still proud rebels – still fighting the Battle of Oxford – one for whites only. Both Cochran and Wicker are dinosaurs of that ugly past and are not, were not, EVER leaders of any substance. If they were, the flag would have been updated a long time ago, along with the sunsetting of the “Rebels” moniker and Hotty Toddy which they desperately cling to so they can wink to each other and say, “Are you ready?” which is the racist secret hand shake of the Ole’ Missus klan of today…..except they’re practicing law, driving BMWs, and generally pretending they have class, as evidenced by the chandeliers in their tents.

      In a few words Billy boy, we reject your weak, defeated spirit. Did the Founding Fathers and so many others accept a “half a loaf”? Not a chance. This website is shining a bright light and exposing improper conduct in so many corners of Mississippi that it’s sending the cockroaches running……Wicker and Cochran will be two more of them soon enough.