MAEP Was A Great Achievement For Republicans, Until It Wasn’t

By MississippI PEP Staff | January 18th, 2018 at 9:48 am

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Every Republican who was in the Legislature in 2006 and is in the Legislature now voted for the (Mississippi Adequate Education Program) with the understanding that it guaranteed full funding after a three-year phase-in.

Then-Gov. Haley Barbour, surrounded by most Republican members of the Legislature, hosted a news conference in his state Capitol office touting that fact. People, including Barbour running for re-election and then-Auditor Phil Bryant running for lieutenant governor, campaigned for office in 2007 touting that commitment.

For one brief period, it seemed that everyone was on board with fully funding the Adequate Education Program.

But after the 2006 law was passed, only one year was MAEP fully funded. Various reasons and excuses were offered for not fully funding the program. The validity of those excuses is in the eye of the beholder.

Now, it appears the Legislature will finally take official action to stop the argument about whether MAEP “shall” be fully funded.

And, there is nothing sacrosanct about the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. It is only a law written by individuals.

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