Wicker, Brasell Lies On Day One

By Ryan Walters | February 28th, 2018 at 7:12 pm

BY: Ryan Walters / Mississippi PEP Contributor

Ryan Walters is a life-long Mississippian from Jones County. He is a professor of history holding a bachelor and master’s degree in American history from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is the author of "The Last Jeffersonian: Grover Cleveland and the Path to Restoring the Republic." Find more of his writing at MississippiConservativeDaily.com

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Roger Wicker did not endorse Donald Trump during the primaries, nor anyone else for that matter. He wanted to stay out of the fight and then support the winner.

Soon after Chris McDaniel announced his candidacy for the US Senate, Roger Wicker and his campaign manager, Justin Brasell, issued statements, which were chock full of lies and half-truths.

First, let us look at Roger Wicker’s statement:

“Gayle and I are looking forward to this campaign and sharing my record of successfully fighting to reduce job-killing regulations, confirm conservative judges, enact historic tax cuts, rebuild our military, and honor our veterans. We will work hard to once again earn the votes and support of all Mississippians.”

Senator Wicker has been in Congress for nearly a quarter of a century but he acts as though the clock started when Trump was sworn in as President. His record in Congress from 1995 to 2017 was one of globalism and liberalism.

Reduce Job-Killing Regulations –

Wicker has been in Congress for more than two decades and has never moved on reducing regulations. But the fact is Trump has reduced regulations, not Congress and not Roger Wicker.

Confirm Conservative Judges –

Wicker did vote for Justice Neil Gorsuch but many of Trump’s judicial nominees remain stalled in the Senate.

Enact Historic Tax Cuts –

The tax cut bill was far from historic. It wasn’t real tax reform. It left all tax brackets in place and gave the largest cuts to corporations. Reagan’s tax cut in 1980 was far larger, as were the cuts in the Roaring Twenties.

Rebuild Our Military –

Again, what has Wicker done before Trump became President? He was Senator Silence until 2017. Now all of a sudden he’s Mr. Military.

Honor Our Veterans –

The VA is in shambles and has been in shambles, but Wicker has done nothing about it.

Now consider the statement issued by Wicker campaign manager, Justin Brasell, who once managed a campaign for Mitch McConnell. His statement was far less gracious than Mr. Wicker:

“While Roger Wicker was speaking on Donald Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention and traveling the country to help elect President Trump and Republican U.S. Senators, Chris McDaniel was missing. After attacking and insulting Donald Trump and his supporters in the primary, Senator McDaniel did nothing to help elect our President.”

Wicker did not endorse Donald Trump during the primaries, nor anyone else for that matter. He wanted to stay out of the fight and then support the winner. Chris McDaniel had the courage of his convictions and picked a candidate to support. He didn’t play politics.

Although Brasell wants us to think that Wicker is a solid Trump man, he is not. Wicker chaired the NRSC in 2016 and his committee was less than stellar in its support of Trump. After the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape emerged, Wicker and the NRSC encouraged their Senate candidates to back away from Trump.

From Keith Plunkett:

In September of 2015, Wicker’s NRSC confidently laid out in a seven-page memo to senior staff exactly how the GOP would “handle” Trump were he to become the Republican nominee for president. Suffice it to say, Wicker wasn’t angling for a photo-op or releasing statistics about how much he agreed with Trump then.

Exactly the opposite. The NRSC memo recommended Republican candidates for U.S. Senate keep their distance, referring to Trump as “a Misguided Missile”. Wicker’s NRSC director’s memo had quite a few very unflattering things to say about President Trump.

“Let’s face facts. Trump says what’s on his mind and that’s a problem,” the memo warns before advising Republican candidates to avoid “defending him” because “that’s a place we never, ever want to be.” The final conclusion of the memos opening point is to “not be so tied to (Trump) we have to engage in permanent cleanup or distancing maneuvers.”

Brasell continues:

“Mississippi Republicans now have yet another opportunity to defeat Chris McDaniel – a man who has spent a decade barely showing up for work, accomplishing nothing for our conservative cause, and embarrassing all of us with his unethical, unlawful campaign tactics.”

These are nothing more than rehashed attacks from 2014:

Mississippi Republicans did not defeat Chris McDaniel; Democrats did. Around 40,000 Democrats crossed over, some illegally and some paid to do so, to defeat McDaniel. Of Republican voters, McDaniel won an estimated 60 percent.

Chris McDaniel missed just 4 percent of his votes in the legislature.

Chris McDaniel has accomplished more for the movement in his time in the legislature than Roger Wicker – a religious freedom law, legislation to protect Mississippi’s gun-owners, led the fight on eminent domain reform and re-districting, and filed his own private lawsuit to stop Obamacare. To name but a few of his accomplishments.

He was also awarded the 2016 American Conservative Union’s “Award For Conservative Excellence.”

As for the last attack, Brasell should be ashamed of himself! The Republican Establishment’s tactics against McDaniel and the Conservative Movement is beyond shameful. It was downright disgusting!

But we can expect this and a lot more from the Wicker “Stink Tank.”