Their Girl: Cindy Hyde-Smith and the US Chamber of Commerce

By Ryan Walters | April 30th, 2018 at 3:46 am

BY: Ryan Walters / Mississippi PEP Contributor

Ryan Walters is a life-long Mississippian from Jones County. He is a professor of history holding a bachelor and master’s degree in American history from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is the author of "The Last Jeffersonian: Grover Cleveland and the Path to Restoring the Republic." Find more of his writing at

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith should tell Mississippians all they need to know.

It’s an endorsement that should kill a Republican candidacy. But for Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith it makes perfect sense: Being the lifelong Democrat that she was before her “conversion” to the GOP for opportunistic electoral reasons, and her very liberal voting record, she is a perfect fit for the US Chamber of Commerce.

Her main opponent, Chris McDaniel, is their worst nightmare, which is why they smeared him in 2014 and why they are attacking him out of the gate now. In all, the Chamber has spent millions in television ads bashing McDaniel.

Make no mistake, the US Chamber of Commerce is not a conservative organization. It is, according to Michelle Malkin, “a politically entrenched synod of special interests. These fat cats do not represent the best interests of American entrepreneurs, American workers, American parents and students, or Americans of any race, class, or age who believe in low taxes and limited government. The chamber’s business is the big business of the Beltway, not the business of mainstream America.”

The Chamber does not support an “America First” agenda and it does not support President Donald Trump. In fact, during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump sparred often with the Chamber, especially on trade. “The US Chamber of Commerce is totally controlled by the special interest groups. They’re a special interest that wants to have the deals that they want to have. They want to have T.P.P., the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the worst deals, and it’ll be the worst deal since NAFTA,” he said at one rally.

The “Chamber of Crony Capitalism,” as Mark Levin has labeled it, supports open borders, amnesty for illegal immigrants, the influx of more foreign workers to compete directly with Americans, global free trade deals that have hollowed out our manufacturing base over the previous 30 years, Common Core, Obamacare, taxpayer supported bailouts for business, pork-filled spending bills, and eminent domain laws that make it much easier for businesses to take private land for their own use.

The Chamber is particularly aggressive on immigration, one of the biggest issues of our time. In fact, they have sided with one of the largest unions, the AFL-CIO, and the ACLU to block the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

For all of these reasons, true conservative Republicans do not support the Chamber and do not want their endorsement. In the race to replace Trey Gowdy in South Carolina, all 13 Republican candidates have openly rejected the Chamber and their views.

But not in Mississippi with Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. She has accepted their endorsement and supports all of their issues, readily taking their help against McDaniel, who does not support any of their issues, and for that reason the Chamber hates him with a burning passion.

Like Trump, Chris McDaniel supports tougher trade deals and punishment for “cheaters” like China. He supports the border wall and opposes amnesty and increased immigrant worker visas, hates Common Core, will never support a bailout for anybody, and was the leading voice in the Mississippi Senate for reforming the eminent domain laws to protect private property, drawing the ire of both Haley Barbour and the Chamber.

Being the politician she is, Cindy Hyde-Smith is already trying to steal the eminent domain issue from McDaniel but the truth is easy to find. In the fight over the eminent domain reform bill, her name never comes up. Furthermore, if she had been the great private property champion that she claims to be, both Haley Barbour and the US Chamber would loathe her as much as they do McDaniel. Yet the Chamber endorsed her.

The bottom line is this: By endorsing Senator Hyde-Smith in the race, the Chamber knows that she will be on their side and will do their bidding, otherwise they wouldn’t commit millions of dollars to attack McDaniel. They know that if McDaniel is in that Senate seat they will have zero influence with him. This endorsement, then, should tell Mississippians all they need to know. If you are a true conservative, you can NOT support Cindy Hyde-Smith.