Groups Scoring Cindy Hyde-Smith Show Votes More in Line With Liberals Than Conservatives.

By MississippI PEP Staff | June 5th, 2018 at 1:14 am

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Two Conservative Groups Give Appointed Senator Failing Grades

In office less than two months, Cindy Hyde-Smith has already been given failing grades by two major conservative groups.


NumbersUSA, a watchdog group seeking to stop illegal immigration, gave Cindy Hyde-Smith a failing grade of just 25%. By comparison, the same organization gave liberal Senator Bernie Sanders the same failing grade at 24%, as well as Mississippi Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson at 22%, making Cindy Hyde-Smith nearly aligned ideologically on immigration with Mississippi’s only Democrat in Congress and the socialist Senator from Vermont. Conservative Senator Ted Cruz scored a 96%.

Mark Levin’s Conservative Review rates elected officials on a variety of issues like the budget, spending, the national debt, taxes, the economy, trade, education, foreign policy and defense. In the less-than-two months that Cindy Hyde-Smith has been in office, her Conservative Review score is 50% – another failing grade.

“Cindy Hyde-Smith thought she could pretend to be a conservative and get away with it, but these two respected conservative groups are not going to allow her to say one thing in Mississippi and vote another way in Washington,” said McDaniel campaign spokesman Tanner Watson. “Conservatives warned us about appointing a lifelong Democrat to the Senate and this is why. She votes for the other team.”

By contrast, Chris McDaniel has a long record of strong, conservative legislation specifically when it comes to immigration. As a state senator, McDaniel introduced bills to prohibit federal and state benefits to undocumented workers, to prohibit the creation of sanctuary cities in Mississippi and to not allow undocumented aliens to qualify for in-state tuition in Mississippi schools.

“We are not going to pass President Trump’s agenda of securing our borders and growing the economy by sending a lifelong Democrat to the Senate. Her failing scores on immigration and spending just proved that,” McDaniel said. “Mississippi deserves a conservative that will fight alongside our President to pass his Make America Great Again agenda.”

The McDaniel campaign believes that Cindy Hyde-Smith’s failing grades give Mississippi voters a clear choice this November between Chris McDaniel, who will fight alongside President Trump, and Cindy Hyde-Smith, who votes with Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders.

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