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Columnist Charlie Mitchell Needs To Catch Up Before Writing About U.S. Senate Race.

In his column “Economy still voter’s main issue on election day“, Charlie Mitchell says Senator Chris McDaniel “to date, has offered no ideas or proposals” when it comes to the economy. It’s too bad Charlie isn’t familiar with social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or even Senator McDaniel’s website – www.mcdaniel2018.com.

Senator McDaniel has offered several ideas and proposals on a range of topics – including the economy. But to help Mr. Mitchell catch up, here are some of them:

All of this and more is posted on Senator McDaniel’s Facebook page. Join the 21st century, Charlie. Even actress Rosie O’Donnell follows him on Twitter. But if that is not your cup of tea, you can always head to the Neshoba County Fair on August 1st and hear him in person for yourself.

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