Hiding Appointed U.S. Senate Candidate To Avoid Public Scrutiny Is An Affront To Our Entire Political System

By Steve Crampton | October 29th, 2018 at 9:12 am

BY: Steve Crampton / Mississippi PEP Contributor

Prior to founding his own firm, Steve Crampton served as Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel for Liberty Counsel, and as Chief Counsel for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy. He has served as lead counsel in numerous reported decisions in state and federal courts. Steve lives in Tupelo, MS.

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The GOP bosses have once again robbed Mississippians of our right to make a free and informed choice in the race for the Senate seat once held by Thad Cochran.

For the last 30 years we have not been given the chance to vote in a truly open seat for the United States Senate. Instead, the bosses have orchestrated the retirement of the incumbent so they can hand-pick his successor. Then, when we finally get the chance to vote, their candidate is the incumbent, complete with all the perks and payoffs making her virtually unbeatable at the ballot box. Our job is simply to anoint the candidate our high priests have already selected.

Unless you are over the age of 48, you have never voted in an open Senate election. That is not freedom; it is tyranny. The right to vote means the right to choose our own candidate.

I am sure Cindy Hyde-Smith is a nice person, but she seems a weak and controlled candidate. Her campaign is all image and no substance. They are bent on hiding her from public scrutiny, avoiding debates, and shielding her from the public. We know little about her, other than that she was a lifelong Democrat and claims not to remember who she voted for in 2008.

Thomas Jefferson warned that a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite for democracy; ignorance is anathema to self-government.

Yet we are prevented from getting the information we need about Ms. Hyde-Smith. Instead, they churn out sleek TV commercials and unleash attack ads against Chris McDaniel. Her campaign is long on emotion and mud-slinging and short on facts and issues.

Mississippi voters are entitled to know the candidates’ political philosophy, their positions on the issues, and their past voting records. Hiding Cindy Hyde-Smith is an affront to our entire political system. We want transparency, not invisibility.

Chris McDaniel is a lifelong conservative Republican, holds town halls, gives out his cell phone number, and invites questions from all comers. He has offered to debate anywhere, anytime. But Cindy Hyde-Smith refuses to participate. We deserve better.