Antidote: Battling Mississippi’s Deepening Dependence

BY: Keith Plunkett





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Section 1: Under The Weather: Symptoms of Our Sickness

Chapter 1: Playing The Numbers

Part 1: Clearing Away The Confusion Of A Bureaucratic Data Dump

Part 2: A Closer Look At Personal Income In Mississippi In 2016

Chapter 2: Republicans Are Putting Conservative Principles Through A Political Meat-Grinder

Part 1: Are We There Yet?

Part 2: Welcome To The Jungle

Part 3: Government Corruption Conspires To Take Away The Life Choices Of The Next Generation



Part 4: The Natural Balance Of Free-Markets, Free People, And Healthy Relationships

Part 5: Comprehension of Policy In Practice

Certainty In Society

Certainty in Tax Policy

Certainty In Government Enforcement

Part 6: Lawmakers Should Make Law, Not Government Agencies

Part 7: Wiener World

Part 8: Losing Trust

Chapter 3: Fallout From The GOP’s Loss Of Principle

Part 1: Department of Revenue: Stacking the Deck and Hiding the Rulebook

Part 2: Like A Fish Out Of Water

Part 3: The Whole Government Intervention Thing Is Really Simple … Don’t

Part 4: “Me Love You Long Time”–Corporate Cronyism In The Magnolia State

Section 2: Economic Harmony

Chapter 4: Looking For Leaders, Not Heroes And Not Royalty

Leaders Don’t Fear Risk. They Point It Out And Look It In The Eye.

Chapter 5: The Quiet Leaders Who Surround Us

Common-Sense Budget-Hawks Who Know The Meaning Of “The Optimal Size And Scope Of Government”

Chapter 6: Give And Take: Free Market Production VS. Government Spending

Chapter 7: Constitutional Conservative Connection: Recognizing And Re- Establishing The Foundational Conservative Economic Message

Part 1: “Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

Part 2: Coase Theorem

Part 3: Strength Of Character: The Frame Of Mind That Rejects The Self-Importance of Politics

Section 3. Defeating Unhealthy Habits and Defending Against Relapse

Chapter 8: Shared Purpose: Economic Development And Mississippi’s Culture of Corruption

False Idols

Chapter 9: The Redistribution Religion

Chapter 10: Connected Community: The Character Of Statesmanship And The Strength Of Principled Action

Simplicity Versus Efficiency: Explaining The Negative Effects Of Transactional Costs.

Chapter 11: Actions Speak Louder Than Campaign Rhetoric–When Trying Circumstances Test Belief.

Section 4. Building A Culture of Social Immunity

Growing The Grassroots: Build-Out Conservative Capacity By Recognizing Long Dormant Roots

Chapter 12: The Connection To The Soil: Mississippi’s Unique Opportunity

Chapter 13: Coordinating Inefficiency: Bureaucracy’s Inherent Flaw–Why Government Programs Never End.

Chapter 14: Cleaning-Up Crumbs: Why State Government Budget Hearings Are One-Sided Affairs.

Chapter 15: Make Ending Government Programs The Ultimate Goal And Reducing The Rolls The Measure Of Success.

Simplicity Versus Efficiency: Recommitment To Government’s Purpose

Chapter 16: When People Rise: A Brighter Future For Mississippi Requires A Coalition In The Present Who Will Be Honest About The Lessons Of The Past

Republicans Complete Capitulation: The “Right Side” of History Is The Wrong Side of Reality

Chapter 17: Suggested Policy Proposals