Your Perspective, Your Community, Your State: Become A Contributor


You can become a MississippiPEP contributor by contacting us using a simple online form, and begin sharing your experiences with other grassroots conservatives who view this site every day. We’ll share your work to our dedicated following on our social media channels, as well.

There are untold stories in your corner of Mississippi that need to be shared, and there are government actions that need to be reported.

Once signed on, Contributors will login to and submit articles directly to the site. No more middle man.

When your completed article is submitted it is automatically added to the Mississippi PEP Staff task list and reviewed as part of our daily workflow. You can also contact us by email to let us know if you have a time-sensitive article waiting in the queue, and we’ll expedite the review process.


Contributors-Only Tips, Guidance and Suggestions

As the Mississippi PEP Community of writers grows, registered contributors will be provided opportunities to receive exclusive information on best practices, ways to use the extensive taxonomy of categories, guidelines on posting images, and much more.

These will be occasionally communicated to the entire team and eventually added to a FAQ page only accessible to Mississippi PEP Contributors. We’re look forward to a time when we’ll be having meet-ups throughout the state to bring our people together.

Contributors won’t need to worry about finding reliable data or policy information to use as a reference for articles. We’re currently setting up a members-only resource page that will be loaded with survey information, important studies, and state agency reports.

If there’s information you need and can’t find, our research will help to dig it up for you.

We want to help conservative Mississippians to influence and become drivers of important public discussions. But, it need not all be about policy. If personal relationships is where your heart is then become a profile writer to tell the stories of the important people serving others in Mississippi’s local communities. We already have plenty of ideas for the subject of profile articles, and our network of connections across the state can easily locate many more.

If your concerned your idea for an article doesn’t fit, or if you want suggestions, set up a time to talk to one of our managing editors and pitch your idea.

Doing Important Work and Building Your Community

We aim to continue being a resource for Mississippi’s Conservative Conversation. That’s the way our principles of community-centered, family values and responsible government at every level can be shared by others, debated and discussed.

The best way to influence our friends and neighbors to become more active and educated about conservative ideas and constitutional government is to cover the state with the examples that are right under everyone’s noses.

We live in the most conservative state in the country! Shouldn’t somebody be telling these stories, reporting on government actions for a conservative audience and opening avenues for the public to better understand what conservatives in Mississippi truly stand for?

Will you help us? If so, we want to help you.


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