Why We Created Mississippi PEP’s ‘Resource Pages’

Our goal is to make sure conservatives are prepared for the public debate and discussion about important reforms and policy measures.

In August, Mississippi PEP will mark it’s seventh year. That’s a long time to be doing this. The website has gone through a few changes during this time and so have Mississippi politics, but one thing has not gone through nearly enough changes.

State and Federal Government still holds the best of our state back through excessive meddling, regulating, and spending. That still needs to change. We’ve been told repeatedly that it would change by Republicans in state government. We’re now seeing the same empty promises from Republicans in charge at the federal level.

The big government approach has not been corrected under Republican control.

In fact, while there have been a few good steps towards reigning in state level regulation, government spending is higher in Mississippi now than it’s ever been.

The state continues to lose hundreds of millions of dollars on misguided subsidies and tax incentives to bring in industry that rarely ever shows a return on the investment. Why aren’t our state leaders helping the businesses that create the most jobs in this state, the homegrown small businesses?

Now, to top it all off, race relations in the state, like that of the country, are taking a sour turn.

Egged-on by the social justice movement that is prominently pushed by groups like the William Winter Institute on Racial Reconciliation at Ole Miss, leftists are pushing for more favored treatment for individuals within groups they deem to be worthy of “social justice” This includes promotion of this newly idealized standard from the government beginning in the cradle and ending at the grave.

This was once referred to as socialism. How the practice came to be adopted in a constitutional republic like the U.S. is a lesson in subversive action, and the dangers of incremental administrative bureaucracy. Our representative bodies, in Jackson and in Washington, have been marginalized when it comes to the actual details of rules making, and the two political parties who share power allowed it to happen.

Mandated curriculum, testing schemes, workforce development training programs; the collection, storage and misuse of citizens personal digital data in the state’s logitudinal data base at Mississippi State — all of these government controls started as a social progressive idea for how best to manage people’s lives. Many states, including Mississippi have gone right along with the plan.

That’s not freedom. That’s not constitutional. And it’s not going to end well for taxpaying citizens if it’s not halted, untangled and relegated to the ash heap.

The state administrative bureaucracy, despite being downsized somewhat after recent budget cuts, still controls the legally binding rules by adopting them behind closed doors whether the legislators pass a bill or not.

For example, in 2017 The Mississippi Dept. of Revenue fought hard to get passage of an internet sales tax from lawmakers. Conservatives fought hard to stop it. But, The Department of Revenue went ahead and implemented it through administrative changes, anyway.

If the Legislature has no control over the laws then what in the heck do we pay them to do every year in Jackson?

Some of the initial categories under the ‘Resources’ heading,

It’s time for citizens to step up and challenge this hijacking of the state government.

In order to face down the threat, voters must be prepared to challenge the rules of the bureaucracy directly.

That’s not an easy task when considering the tangle of regulatory restrictions that we now live under. If we throw corporate level political campaigns in with that, and the way some minority groups have distorted history in order to make claims of bias that border on insanity — oh, and while we’re at it lets not forget to add the ‘economic development’ losses and the way agency employees manipulate and change rules to maintain the power to keep the largest chunk of taxpayers money flowing into their budgets — we’re in a fix and understanding how to untangle this mess is not easy for anyone.

Thanks to the growing number of think tanks and non-profit’s now publishing online there is quite a large amount of policy related information available. There’s also a consistent testing of the publics opinion with surveys and polling. All of this published information adds up to provide a wealth of information to understanding the administrative bureaucracy and how to begin dismantling it.

That’s why we’ve continued to add to our resource pages here on MississippiPEP.com. We plan to decipher this information and categorize it to help conservatives find what they need.

We’ll do our very best to make sure updated information is available at all times, and we’ll likely break down the information in reports from time to time for all of our readers.

In the meantime, We hope you’ll check in from time to time to see whats been added  

Our goal is to make sure conservatives are prepared for the public debate and discussion about important reforms and policy measures. We believe building this online library of reports and surveys will be a good way of making that happen.