Why Mississippi Conservatives Are Reading And Sharing Mississippi PEP

MississippiPEP CommunityFrequent visitors to MississippiPEP.com know this to be a unique site for Mississippi conservatives to get factual presentation of news and information, solid policy analysis, insightful commentary, motivating words of encouragement and spiritually uplifiting articles of Christian Faith and devotion.

Mississippi PEP is more than just another option to catch a few missed headlines.

Providing Mississippians With An Honest View Of Complex Challenges

No one can deny the tough spot the Magnolia State is in. Our state government and far too many of our citizens are dependent on handouts. And the handouts aren’t just from social benefit checks to welfare recipients. The state government receives hundreds of millions of dollars to prop up state agencies, which in turn must jump through whatever hoops the federal government demands of them. Much more comes in the way of grants and tax incentives to corporate entities and non-profits that rarely produce the promised return they claim the money will buy.

This means Mississippians get a limited say in how their government is run, how their children are educated, and how their tax dollars are spent.  Meanwhile the money handed-out subsidizes behavior that disadvantages honest, hard-working independent Mississippians the most.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:7:

“The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

The simple truth is Mississippi in 2018 is still a slave state, but not based on demands for hard labor on a plantation. Today’s slavery in Mississippi is a result of the federal government dictating social behavior. And our state government officials are more than just complicit. They are the ones cracking the whip.

Those in leadership positions of both political parties in Mississippi are far more concerned with who gets a chance to award government contracts to their friends than they are with making policy decisions that will allow the state the freedom to stand on it’s own two feet.

What Is Right With Mississippi’s Values Can Correct What Is Wrong With Mississippi’s Government

The aim for Mississippi PEP every day is to provide a place online for “Mississippi’s Conservative Conversation”. That consists of sharing important articles gathered from around the web. But we don’t flood the internet with regurgitated blather. The difference in what we do is our drive to inform readers of aspects of the news obscured by gatekeepers in the media and political parties.

These storylines unfold over time and are connected to other government actions and politicized promotions. If conservatives hope to get our ‘foot in the door’ and start cleaning up the mess being made of our state then knowing these connections are vitally important. We aim to reveal how this political game works so that politicians are somehow able to be for or against something politically, yet once in office they step aside and allow government-as-usual to keep-on trucking along.

The rise in public mistrust of media stems from repeated examples of political favoritism and bias that often either misrepresents the perspective of principled conservatives, or refuses to include it altogether. It is through this lack of honest engagement that the public is manipulated with an incomplete picture of options. Conservatives are then more easily divided and conquered by political parties.

There is a wealth of information available to help Mississippians reach beyond this shameful treatment. MississippiPEP.com is a place to find it.

Nearly 5-years later, the 2013 Conservative State of the State Report continues to influence legislation that’s core ideas percolate from the grassroots of Mississippi.

The best way to know what Conservatives believe and understand about state public policy is to ask them. That’s why we conducted a thorough survey in late 2012 of 200 active grassroots Conservatives across Mississippi. The results were released in our report ‘The 2013 Mississippi PEP Conservative State of the State Report.’

The 2013 Mississippi PEP Conservative State of the State Survey was one of the very first, if not the first, attempts to gain detailed insight into the potential for united policy action from the burgeoning TEA Party, 9-12, and various Liberty groups growing across Mississippi in Fall of 2012.

The complexities that exist in states across the country are unique to each. But rather than recognize this unique diversity, Mississippi’s state government and state elected officials continue to double and triple-down on the same federally subsidized failures. The reason couldn’t be more clear. Our state government and much of our state’s industry is addicted to federal money.

In the Magnolia State, Big Government is big business — engineers, developers, construction companies, bond lawyers, bankers, hospital administrators, private contractors of all types, and so much more  — if you thought government poverty programs were about helping the poor, then you haven’t taken a closer look at where the money actually goes.

The challenges Mississippians face are not insurmountable. But politicians and media figures who aren’t served by allowing ALL ideas a place in the discussion omit the information they deem to be ‘unworthy’ of consideration. That information is nearly always the sort of detail that supports the conservative perspective, or that highlights a greater appreciation for liberty found in rural Mississippi communities.

Why? Because conservative rural Mississippi communities support tradition and a common sense approach to governance that rejects the schemes of elitists and bureaucrats. These ordinary Mississippians are key to the state’s ability to turn things around. That is the conclusion found in Antidote: Battling Mississippi’s Deepening Dependence’,

This is MSPEP’s first ever book-length project. Instead of publishing it for purchase online through Amazon or another bookseller, the first release is being done chapter-by-chapter, and section-by-section on MississippiPEP.com. A sample of ‘Antidote’, beginning with the introduction and continuing through Chapter 2: Part 2, is now available.

Standing For The Truth, No Matter How Uncomfortable

The truth is always much more complicated and much harder to get at. And sometimes it makes people angry to hear it, especially those getting fat off of the states misery. But Mississippi PEP wasn’t founded with the intention to tiptoe through discussions so as to maintain the happiness of politicians and political actors. Mississippi PEP was founded with the goal of getting at the unvarnished truth.

That’s why you’ll find perspective here not found elsewhere.

Our purpose at Mississippi PEP is to always and everyday provide Traditional and Cultural Conservatives across the state with the resources needed. When studied and applied these resources provide the wisdom to more fully understand, the ability to articulate, and the opportunity to share conservative beliefs with others.

Sharing the truth of what Mississippi faces is but a single step in a multi-step process. As with any addiction, the first step to overcoming it is to recognize there’s a problem. With our current crop of lawmakers and statewide elected officials that appears to still be a hurdle we haven’t gotten over. And make no mistake, our state administrators, state politicians and the corporate cronies they serve are addicted to federal money that drives their manipulation of the public. Anyone looking to the Republican or Democrat Party to alter this alliance of fraud against Mississipians just hasn’t looked long and hard enough to realize that it is the leadership of the political parties who enable it.

The good sense to know the best corrective measures and then apply them will require hard choices that won’t be appreciated by some folks making money from the current “arrangement”.

However, the difficulty of the task doesn’t make it any less important.

During World War II, Winston Churchill convinced the citizens of the U.K. to remain resolute in the face of daily bombardment from Nazi Germany. He didn’t use political spin or misdirection, and he didn’t mince words when he said

“If you’re going through hell, keep going!”

Mississippi desperately needs more people in our communities willing to speak plain truth, to stir their neighbors to action and to remind people that our strong values are connected to generations of hard work, unshakeable faith and commitment to honest service. Mississippi needs her strongest to step forward and form a line of protection that begins  questioning big government projects and funding at the local level.

Are you one of us?