The Mississippi PEP Community

MississippiPEP CommunityFrequent visitors to know this site to be a unique place for Mississippi conservatives to get factual presentation of news and information, solid policy analysis, insightful commentary, motivating words of encouragement and spiritually uplifiting articles of Christian Faith and devotion. is First and Foremost About Mississippi and Mississippians

As our tag line says, we try every day to provide a place online for “Mississippi’s Conservative Conversation”. Most days that consists of sharing important articles gathered from around the web, some days it’s about informing conservatives of upcoming events across the state they might not find in their local newspaper or other online sources, some days it’s about providing penetrating analysis of state public policy, and every now and again it’s about standing strong for the truth in response to political misrepresentation and misdirection. The events of the day often dictate what makes it onto

However, our purpose at Mississippi PEP is to always and everyday provide Traditional and Cultural Conservatives across the state with resources. When studied and applied these resources provide the wisdom to more fully understand, the ability to articulate, and the opportunity to share conservative beliefs with others.


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