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MississippiPEP CommunityFrequent visitors to know this site to be a unique place for Mississippi conservatives to get factual presentation of news and information, solid policy analysis, insightful commentary, motivating words of encouragement and spiritually uplifiting and stabilizing articles of Christian Faith and devotion. is First and Foremost About Mississippi and Mississippians

As our slogan says, we try every day to provide a place online for “Mississippi’s Conservative Conversation”. Most days that consists of sharing important articles gathered from around the web, some days it’s about informing conservatives of upcoming events across the state they might not find in their local newspaper or other online sources, some days it’s about providing penetrating analysis of state public policy, and every now and again it’s about standing strong for the truth in response to political misrepresentation and misdirection. The events of the day often dictate what makes it onto

However, our purpose at Mississippi PEP is to always and everyday provide Traditional and Cultural Conservatives across the state with resources that, when studied and applied, instill the wisdom to more fully understand, the ability to articulate, and the opportunity to share conservative beliefs with others.

It Should Be Simpler To Do

For the past five years, the commentary and analysis published to by grassroots conservatives made it on the website because the authors would reach out, then follow up by email to submit the article. Going about publishing contributing content to wasn’t an impossible task, but neither was it the most efficient or convenient.

We're changing that starting right now!

It is now much, much easier to contribute and share your experiences with other grassroots conservatives who read

All registered members of the Mississippi PEP Community are given the role of ‘Contributor’ to as soon as they sign up. That means you can now login to and post your article directly.

No middle man.

When your completed article is submitted through this process, it is automatically added to the Mississippi PEP Staff task list and reviewed as part of our daily workflow.

Members-Only Tips, Guidance and Suggestions

As the Mississippi PEP Community grows, registered members will be provided with exclusive information on best practices, ways to use the extensive taxonomy of categories, guidelines on posting images, and much more.

These will be occasionally communicated to the entire membership and added to a FAQ page only accessible to registered members.

The Vital Precursor to Social, Cultural and Political Change

Conservatives across Mississippi want and need to hear the stories and see the hard work of the unsung who promote conservativism through strong actions that support their beliefs. And, we all know very well that these aren’t feature articles being assigned in the newsrooms of mainstream media outlets.

These stories, these narratives, must be more than a feature of the hard work and dedication of political volunteers, or an emotionally touching story about a politicians “hard road to success”. We get enough politics, and even the dedication of hard working political volunteers, to most people, is still in the end about politics..

It should be the goal of every conservative to relate the stories that show in practice the conservative message of community service and action. We must do a better job of sharing examples of the moral courage–character building, virtue instilling, faith in action–of real hardworking everyday people. Stories work powerfully on the moral imagination, because they are true to the human experience. Stories allow each of us to see ourselves in the experience of others, and when we can relate then we can imagine ourselves being just as courageous, just as dedicated and just as selfless.

A Shared Story Inspires Action and is Worth More Than a Hundred Clever Political Ads

Efforts to end overreach of centralized government won’t be successful unless people of strong character step up, where they live and work, to face the challenges that bureaucrats are attempting to address from hundreds of miles away. There are thousands of people in small towns and communities across Mississippi ready to move, ready to engage, ready to act. But they need to know they are not alone. They need to see the examples of others. They need to believe in what’s possible.

Shelby Tankersely is a young conservative political activist living in Austin, TX. She put it very well when she wrote the following:

“The case for conservatism rests on the reality of vibrant, interdependent social communities that precede and supersede government. The conservative movement makes its most humane case for limited government when it chooses to paint a picture of a healthy network of friends, families, and neighbors instead of shouting “tyranny” and “communist” at those who support a progressive tax structure. As more and more conservative intellectuals lend their considerable talents to holding out this alternative way of life through enchanting description, their written efforts rely on American conservatives creating and thriving in the kind of communities they highlight. In this sense, the most important task for most conservatives is the active participation in and perpetuation of healthy social lives for themselves and their acquaintances. The best written defenses of this type of lifestyle will contain examples of charity and support provided by neighbors.”

Those are the words of one smart young lady. She gets it. Millions across this state and nation can be awakened to the hope that exists if conservatives will take the time to craft their descriptions of what they know, love and believe with passion and creativity.

This is the essence of what traditional and cultural conservatives have to offer the world: the gift of communicating the truth that identifies with the individual and is concerned with the well-being of society.

The challenges society faces today are cultural in nature. They won’t be overcome by addressing them with the same politics that allowed them to fester.

It costs nothing to join the Mississippi PEP Community to begin sharing those valuable experiences.

What these experiences provide in return, both to others and to those of who make the effort to collect and produce them, is of a value that is impossible to measure.


If you need some helpful advice on how to proceed, CONTACT US.